7 Best Laptop for Minecraft under 200 $ {2022 Review & Buyer’s Guide}

Best gaming laptop for minecraft under 200

What comes to your mind when I talk about gaming? for sure laptops, Tablets, phones are the accessories mostly used by this generation.

According to the research, 3 billion people in the world are gamers. Just imagine how much this young generation loves to play 3D games.

Especially nowadays many young minds love to play games like Minecraft and Fortnite for which they will need the Best Laptop for Minecraft under 200 to take their gaming to next level without emptying your pocket.

Recent sources say that about 55 million units of gaming computers sold in 2020. This indicates people’s craze about gaming accessories.

What if I show you the best laptops with which you can play your high graphic video games at affordable prices?

You can get these laptops for just under $200. The best part starts from here that you can play your favorite Minecraft game on this laptop too, you will love it.

What is a Minecraft game?

Here is a simple guide about your favorite game, Minecraft. Before I tell you about the cheapest laptops on which you can play Minecraft. Let me tell you about this game.

This is the best video game with over 238 million copies sold and had 140 million active monthly users in 2021. Sounds crazy!

In this game, you can build your house and village but before making your own house you need to be protected from Mobs, these are the skeleton-type structure that will kill you.

So, in starting of the game, you will break woods by hand and through those woods,you can make the bed first to protect yourself from mobs.

After making bed you will find coal and more woods and especially sheep which will give you wool and energy.

If you build your house near the village, you will easily find many resources from there. You can easily make a Sword, Axe, Pickaxe from the woods.

Tip for Minecraft Gamers:

If you make the bed before your swords, you will save yourself from mobs’ attacks.

Things to Consider before buying your favorite gaming laptop

Many of you will think that how can someone play games on a laptop? Is it safe? It is more comfortable? Or if you like any laptop so, will it suit your pocket?

Now if you are excited to buy a gaming laptop so here are some features you need to consider before buying your gaming laptop.


The most central feature to be considered is battery time, you must know that if you’re playing any game, it must not be interrupted, and thousands of accessories gone backward just because of this one feature.


After battery, the life of your gaming laptop is a graphic card the upgraded graphic card will ease your game and put life into your gaming.

GeForce RTX 3080 with 1710 MHz Boost Clock with 10 GB of RAM is the best option to choose.

Radeon RX 6800 XT with 2250 MHz Boost Clock 16GB of RAM, these are the best performing and sustainable graphic cards to use. There are many more you can find out of it.


Before buying a laptop, consider at least 4GB of RAM.

Earlier I told you that you must buy at least 4 GB of RAM but try to be adaptive with time, your gaming desktop must have 8 to 16GB RAM but it must be this much modifiable that you can easily upgrade your RAM.


The keyboard is the primary input of your gaming laptop and the most functional part during gaming.

You must choose wisely; you must see the distance between keys. The most ideal distance is 1.5mm to 2mm and the hardness and softness of keys to press.

You can buy an RGB lightning laptop some laptops come with red/white lightning. This lightning can create the environment of gaming.


Full HD high-resolution display is the demand of every gamer they want to enjoy every detail of their game, especially for Minecraft you need high resolution to protect yourself from mobs. A high-quality Graphic card will help you in this.

Cost of Gaming Laptops

Of course, everyone wants the best gaming laptop for them, but you need to consider your pocket first.

If you just focus on a high-cost laptop you will soon get into debt which will not be good for you.

So, I would suggest you first consider how much money you must buy your favorite gaming laptop and then decide to buy that. Good research will guide you to buy a gaming laptop with your own choice of money.


1. 2022 ASUS 14-inch Chromebook

Here we have the fastest ASUS 14 INCH Chromebook with high storage and 32 GB RAM.

As you know that RAM has many functions for storing your data and running your new application, so 32GB of RAM is something best for your gaming.

 The best part is its 14 inches screen which allows you to enjoy your Minecraft view. Its average battery time is 10 hours which is superb.

It has a processor of 2.4GHz Celeron and Chrome operating system which is the best option for gaming.

The most vital part of your gaming laptop is its graphic card this laptop has integrated Intel HD graphics 5000.

Most people used these laptops for work purposes too, they can be connected to the printer.

Its 4.3 ratings on Amazon make it a superlative choice and makes it the best laptop for playing Minecraft.

  • Lightweight
  • Backpack for support
  • Powerful processor
  • HD Anti-Glare -LED backlit Display
  • Ultra-narrow bezel
  • Affordable
  • Design should be better
  • Sometimes do get slow

What we like about this laptop

As I searched a lot about laptops, so my opinion may you to select the best laptop for you. The first thing which I like is, of course, its affordability and the second thing is its backpack which will help you to carry your laptop easily anywhere.

2. HP Chromebook 14-Inch FHD Laptop

If you’re looking for a classic design with high performing gaming processor, an HP Chromebook with a 14-inches screen will help you to see every single detail of your Minecraft game.

And 4GB of RAM, which will help in up support, and 196GB of storage, so that you can easily download more games and run your Minecraft game without any interruptions which is the best option to choose.

The best deal is to get a chrome operating system with having AMD Ryzen processor which is best known for its smart prefetch. This processor will support your game.

Having lightweight with a long battery hour of 8-10 hours is crucial to deal with. 32GB Hard disk will support your backhand for online gaming which combines make it the Best laptop under 200 dollars for gaming.

  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Comfy keyboard
  • Best for gaming
  • AMD Ryzen 3 processor
  • Budget friendly
  • Frame color problem

What we like about this laptop

The best thing that I liked about is its style. Its silver color and slim body with which you love to enjoy your Minecraft game.

3. CHUWI HeroBook Air Windows 10 Laptop

If you’re finding a budget-friendly laptop with which you will enjoy your gaming.

CHUWI HeroBook Air is the best choice with 11.6 inches screen display, having a Window10 with 5 hours of battery time.

UHD600 of graphic card and 4GB of RAM will give speed to your gaming. It has an ideal camera that will permit you for online gaming streaming.

This is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and headphones portable device. don’t miss the chance to get 1 year of guarantee on this HP laptop.

  • Stylish body
  • Long battery life
  • Thin and Portable
  • Powered by Intel Celeron Processor
  • Best for student
  • Charging problem
  • No touchscreen

What we like about this laptop

Like many people, I would see the affordability of mine for this laptop, as this Chromebook has many features with a stylish body so if I got this laptop in my range, I would prefer it.

4. 2022 Lenovo 14 Chromebook Laptop

If you are looking for a super-fast performance laptop so 2022 Lenovo 14 Chromebook is the best option for you.

This smart lightweight with stunning black looks is a perfect fit for you.

Having a chrome operating system with 4GB of RAM makes it the fastest gaming laptop. Its 14 inches screen display is the best part to enjoy Minecraft game.

32GB Hard disk is present to run your gaming laptop faster and to store your data perfectly.

It has a MediaTek MT8173C processor which is super-fast and has the quality to take the low voltage which overall makes it the best laptop for Minecraft for under 200 bucks.

  • Fast processor
  • High storage
  • Best graphic card
  • Ultra-low-voltage platform
  • Effortless connectivity
  • High Definition Display
  • Touch screen

What we like about this laptop

The best thing is it is simple to use. I prefer to buy this laptop because of its full HD screen which attracts game lovers, especially Minecraft gamers who need a full screen to enjoy their zone.

5. HP 11 G5 Chromebook Touch Screen Laptop 

If you feel unsatisfied order online for your gaming Laptop so here is the best choice Amazon giving to you the HP 11 G5 Chromebook which is a renewed Chromebook which means that you can change any part of your gaming laptop and Amazon will give you free trials to check every single detail anytime.

Its touch screen feature will make it feel like a tablet. Its high storage capacity and 4GB of RAM with a chrome operating make it faster for your gaming.

It has 32GB of storage and a stable processor to run your laptop.

This laptop is not only for gamers but especially designed for students to store their documents, files and to manage their other work.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Value for money
  • Touch screen
  • Small display
  • Renewed

What we like about this laptop

It’s difficult to carry your laptop from one place to another especially when you are traveling but this laptop can resolve my problem and I can utilize my traveling time in gaming.

6. Dell Latitude 3340 Laptop

Here is another offer of a renewed laptop with a classy frame and one-year warranty Dell Latitude 3340 its 4GB of RAM and 500 Hard Disk Drive make it the best product to use.

It corei3 with 13 inches of display where you can play your favorite Minecraft game comfortably.

Its gray color makes it more stylish and unique. Its 500GB HDD makes it faster for gaming with intel HD 4400 graphics to play your game smoothly.

This laptop has great ratings and can be considered best for playing games like Minecraft.

  • Best customer service
  • Affordable
  • High quality screen
  • Intel Core i3-4005U @ 1. 70 GHz
  • Small screen
  • renewed product

What we like about this laptop

I would prefer this laptop because of its affordability and its really good customer service, so whenever I got any problem, I don’t need to worry about this.

7. ASUS VivoBook L203MA Ultra-Thin Laptop

Who doesn’t like to have an ultra-thin good quality smart laptop with them?

Of course, everyone wants this, especially a gamer who wants to look smart and play smart.

Its Celeron N4000 processor and 11.6HD display give it a perfect match. Having this black look, high processing, and touch screen laptop is the choice of every game player.

4GB of RAM and 64 GB of Hard Disk will enable you to play your game faster. This laptop is not only for gaming but also specific for business use.

  • Slim and Portable
  • Long battery life
  • Comes with touch screen
  • One Year of Microsoft Office 365 Included
  • Celeron N4000 Processor
  • Not best for gaming but for work and study

What we like about this laptop

I like its battery time because I don’t want to be interrupted during my gaming to connect it with the charger again and again. It is Wi-Fi and USB connectible which is also a positive option.


Here we come toward the ending of all the above knowledge. you don’t need to be confused while selecting your gaming laptop.

Make your mind and consider further instructions before buying your gaming laptop.

Minecraft is that game that increases the person’s creativity and activeness so you need is a long battery time and a high display laptop which will show how much gaming enthusiast you are.

While researching, the laptop which I liked the most is ASUS 14-inch Chromebook it has all the features you want in your ideal gaming laptop.

All the above laptops can be used for gaming and working purpose too. Students can also use it because of the flexible keyboard which is best for beginners too.


Most frequent questions asked by people are here. This will help you to understand things more clearly.

Do these laptops have a built-in microphone so I can do zoom and skype meetings?

Yes, these laptops have a built-in microphone for these calls.

Can I upgrade its RAM?

Yes, these laptops can be upgraded, you can upgrade their RAM and GPU according to your wish.