How to put wheels on a Gaming Chair (3-Steps Guide)

How to put wheels on a Gaming Chair

How to put wheels on a gaming chair?… If you are looking for the easiest guide on this you are at the right place.

In this era of “Minecraft” and “Grand Theft Auto V,” people loved to spend most of their time gaming.

During this, if you feel stuck or your gaming chair wobble. How will you fix it? How will you put new wheels on your gaming chair?

Let me explain to you the easiest way to fix new wheels or caster on chair legs through which you will enjoy your gaming zone.

Before going further let me tell you there are two types of wheels.

  • Pin connector wheels
  • Threaded  connector wheel

Steps to put wheel in Gaming Chair

How to put wheels on a Gaming Chair


Lay down your gaming chair to any side where you feel comfortable changing wheels.

Through this, you will easily change the wheels because in the vertical chair position it will be difficult for you to change them.


Hold that broken or battered wheel in one hand and hold the chair legs from another hand.

Now with the help of force remove that wheel slowly.

For Pin connector Wheel

If you have pin connector wheels just apply some jerks and your work will be done.

For Threaded connector wheel

For this wheel, you need a spanner through which you can lose the wheels.


If you find a problem doing that so don’t panic in that situation you can use a wide flat screwdriver.

Put that screwdriver between the wheel holder and wheel.

Then in the inclined plan direction, you apply force on it.

You can use lubricant or any oil too for this process if you need it.


After removing the old wheel you need to know the size of that wheel so you can order another one from any valid website.

For installing a new wheel in your gaming chair you need to hold the new wheel in your palm and put the stem of that wheel in the leg of your gaming chair.

Now it will be clearer to you how to put wheels on your gaming chair easily.

Anyone can do it through these steps.

Things you need to know while putting New Casters in Chair

  • You must order a new wheel of the perfect size for your gaming chair.
  • Excessive use of lubricant can create a mess.
  • You must know which wheel do you have and which method you need to follow to avoid mistakes.