7 Best Gaming Chairs for back pain in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Are ergonomically design gaming chairs good for your back?

A most frequent question always arises in mind whenever talking about prolonged sitting in front of a computer for long gaming sessions and long hectic tiring work.

There is always buzzing around gaming chairs how they help you to make your back align in a natural posture and reduce pain and provide support to your back for better work or performance.

All gaming chairs instantly look comfortable, perfect, or stylish but not all are the same as they look.

So the first question must come whenever get to buy!

“a chair should have a perfect ergonomic feature with all specifications which lead you to support healthy sitting and never meet you to any type of aches or muscle fatigues”.

Gaming chair first design in 2006 in contrast to cheap office chair was DX-Racer.

This brings an evolution in the gaming industry by its ergonomic style and comfort zone.

This is not only design for just gaming purposes but also for log hours schedule office workers who remain completely intact with office chairs and mostly lead to a back problem. This brings solutions for all of them as well.

As it is, true saying sitting for prolonged is inadequate for your back so there must use those gaming chairs which reduce health risks.

A cheap office chair offers a lot of health issues. For a prolonged hour, a person can not sit on it as it badly affects your whole body posture and risks you towards spinal and high back problems.

It may also affect your bones, muscles, tendons, joints, and internal organs of your body by exerting pressure from the back to other parts.

Along with health issues, a cheaper one also affects your mood and earlier emphasis you to feel pain and making you to leave and bring trouble in your game sessions.

Far from office chairs, gaming chairs are also ergonomically designed for comfortable sitting and relieve you from back, neck, shoulder aches, and muscles fatigues.

It helps you to give proper posture by implanting padded backrest, headrests, neck pillows also with lumbar cushions, fully foamed seats which allow longer you to sit.

It comes with adjustable nodes as well a headrest, backrest, armrest, footrests and also having a reclining property that completely rests you at the desire angle and relief you from pain after hectic hour sessions or work.

Best Gaming Chairs for Back PainReviews

1. Herman Millar Aeron Ergonomic Chair

A chair holding a top position among best-selling office chairs for a long passage of hours used.

A complete embody designed by bill Stumpf and jeff weber.

It is designed as much intelligently which promotes you to sit carelessly and the architecture of the chair distributes pressure provides natural alignment and holds up healthy movement.

After many years of research and approving much design its embody is built up like a human’s back style.

It is composed of alike human back central spine column and along with flexible back, ribs allow your back to soothe and comfort.

A chair having backlit adjustment nodes which straighten your back with a natural spine curve enables you to get a natural posture.

As chair fitted according to your choice undergoes adjust automatically about your shifting positions promoting you to recline.

As above describing how a chair balances your back and abode from aches.

Along backrest perfection seat made up of four different layers of supportive foaming texture, each layer owned a set of material specialty.

It also comes with cold cure foam that provides extra cooling upon continuous sitting.

Comes with adjustable features as well include arms adjusting, height, depth, and seat adjusting nodes.

 Seated cold foams are highly breathable reduce sweating and resist heat.


Weight Lifted136 KG
Height1067-1143 mm
Material Usedpolyester, foam
Warranty12 years
Weight23 kg
  • Stimulate prolong sitting
  • Help in blood and oxygen circulation overall body
  • Provide complete back support and give you to natural posture
  • Provide 12 years of complete warranty.
  • Much expensive than other back rest chairs
  • No swivel property

2. GT-RACING Gaming chair

A GT racing gaming chair is a supreme choice mainly designed for pro gamers having attractive racing car style which enforce you to buy for a purposeful gaming room or for conducting modern offices.

A Chair having a bulk of designing features which make a great choice among others.

It has padded seating, adjustable armrest, position, and seat height, promote back forth property, and a fully supported footrest.

Adjustable footrest and headrest is the main feature which allows you to support back and allow it in a natural posture.

Its position-changing ability shift a person’s weight which reduces strain from the back and fatigue ness of muscles.

Also reclining, swivel property switch user mood and help to enjoy upon sitting.

This gaming chair also comes with padding ( spongy layer) at seat cushions and a lumbar pillow that eases the body which makes it one of the best gaming chairs for Back pain.


Weight lifted350 pound
Height varies 48 – 51 inches
Material used faux leather
Swivel property up to 360 degree
Reclined property 90-170 degree
  • Minimal price range
  • Reclining and swiveling property
  • Upright body posture
  • Non padding armrest.

3. Auto full Ergonomic Gaming chair

A gaming chair for back pain along with a retractable footrest is a most perfect match for pro gamers who spend long screen time.

In biological aspects, the chair is considered ideal and most fitted or designed according to health issues most commonly back pain problems tried you solve out.

After continuously spending long hours you need to relax out. It could only be possible by reclined the backrest of your gaming chair.

An auto full gaming chair is manufactured in a good manner to support your lower limbs because it comes with a retractable footrest that adequates proper blood circulation by resting lower limbs in your desire position.

It getting top priority being of retractable footrest it enables your back posture with spinal line.

It also has a thicker backrest with foam seat cushions that lead you to seat comfortably by adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows results to reduce retention in body muscles.

A chair also comes with swiveling property that can be reclined up to 155 degrees.

A chair wheels having swiveling property as well rotate up to 360 degrees making you reach up to the desire and comfortable position.

This Chair seat bothers with PU leather with spongy foamed layers that help in heat and sweating retention and are great for ventilation for an average amount of time.


Weight lifted 350 pounds
Height varies 47.6 – 50.8 inches
Material used leather (PU)
Relaxable warranty 24 months
Chair weight 58 pound
Swivel property  up to 360 degree
Reclining property 90 – 155 degree
  • Provide comfort by innovative retractable footrest.
  • Improved ventilation property
  • Durable
  • Best for back pain
  • 2D Armrest

4. KILLABEE Massage Gaming chair

A sturdy massage killabee gaming chair is one of the most demanding chairs than others because of the leisure price range.

Chair ergonomically design with retractable footrest feature provides comfort directly to the back and allows you to sit long hour by shifting or adjusting positions through adjustable footrest.

A specific feature high up killabee brand ideal for gamer choice.

This Gaming Chair is made through thickened padded seat cushions, a padded armrest, along with padded backrest which smoothly relieves your body making your back aligned.

And provide the supporting system to your spinal cord along with your neck by adjusting lumbar cushions.

Killabee makes an innovation too in their gaming chair for building ideal for long sessions by implanting electric massager.

It’s basically a motor at lumber cushion this function intimately provides bed rest type comfort by adjusting.

Electrically connected through USB and leads you to relax except distract your work or games it pointing ideal for those having serious back issues.

Killabee also introduced the first-ever reclined lock-up system by this feature a backlit can lock up at an angle up to 95- 175 degrees that much meet your need, lead a person without distracting work, comfortably by just kick back and let upon.


Weight lifted 250 pounds
Height varies 48-51 inches
Material used PU (faux leather)
Warranty1 Year
Chair weight 52 pound
Swivel property up to 360 degree
  • Installed massage motor first ever
  • Retractable footrest
  • Easy clean PU leather used
  • Budget Friendly
  • Non adjustable armrest

5. Hbada Gaming chair Racing style computer chair

Hbada gaming chair acquires with the specialty of a larger seat for gamers or office to sit or do work comfortably.

As it is a budget-friendly gaming chair considered it comes with all specifications mainly adjusted armrests in a minimal price variant.

A chair having thickened backrest, fully padded seat cushions, adjustable headrest, removable lumber pillows all specifically comfort your back and make it align naturally without thought of aches.

Hbada chairs also come with reclined lock system specification can lock up complete at 90 – 155 degrees of back angle also acquired with shaking chair feature which makes it one of the best gaming chairs for backup.


Weight lifted 136kg
Height 47 – 50 inches
Material used polyurethane
Weight 22.6kg
Swivel property up to 360 degree
Reclined property up to 155 degree
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Strong quality material adequate
  • Stretch proof swivel wheels incorporated
  • Budget Friendly
  • Wider seat area

6. Nokaxus High-back Ergonomic Gaming chair

A gaming chair having steel sturdy framework.

This chair comes with an extra-wide back seat with a thick spongy layer which promotes a supportive backrest and aligns overall and making it comfortable.

It having PU wheels that protect the floor from scratches.

Also come with retractable footrest with electric massager like as killabee gaming chair which supports ease sitting and relief from back and neck aches.

This chair can be swiveled up to 360 degrees and also move back and forth movement and can be lock back angle up to 90 -180 degree more than other gaming chairs and meet up with all specification that a gamer mostly need in cheaper price.


Weight lifted 350 pound
Material used metal leather
Relax able warranty 24 months
Swivel property up to 360 degree
Reclined property up to 90- 180 degree
  • Having waist massage pillow.
  • Retractable footrest
  • Occupies wider back space
  • Budget Friendly
  • Non adjustable armrest
  • Waist pillows don’t come with charged  batteries
  • For massaging need plugging directly to the socket it may harmful for user

7. Secret lab Titan Evo gaming chair

Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain

Secret lab titan is overall a best-selling gaming chair for back pain mainly.

A chair having multi tilting ability making it best among all chairs.

An ergonomic chair is built up to sitting for long hours keeps the body in a relaxable state reduces back pain and can run up to many years than other chairs.

This Gaming chair is built with NAPA leather having high sustainability like stain, spill, wear-off resistance.

The seat cushions also have thick layers of cold foam which last for a longer time and can come up with full support and are relaxable for sitting prevents sweating and heat irritation, provide woolly texture.

A chair comes up with reclining property as well a chair can recline up to 166 degrees and lock the backrest.

Reclining helps the body to shift pressure from the lower back to other parts of the body which leads to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance circulation.

The most exclusive feature of this gaming chair which attracting buyers towards it, having adjustable 4D armrest rotation.

A feature help to shift the balance of your body through the arm at desire positions and making you reach up at any height.

It also comes with a head pillow, adjustable lumbar cushions, padded backrest which makes it one of the best option if you are looking for gaming chairs for back pain.


Weight lifted 180 kg
Height varies 5’3” to 5’11”
Material used Napa leather
Relax able warranty 5 years
weight 37.5kg
Swivel property up to 360 degree
Reclined property up to 165 degree
  • Having long term warranty
  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Comes different design option
  • Reclined up to 166 degree than other gaming chair
  • Best for back pain
  • Expensive one
  • Quietly firm seat cushions found.

Buying Guide for The Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Today’s gaming chairs are up in the market and are remarkably the highest priority among gamers and for long-hours office workers.

As market also explodes out luxurious, comfortable, stylish, pain-reliable gaming chair options. Different remarkable brands introduce many of their own items with the finest and highly milestone ergonomic designs.

A lot of range in the market getting difficulty for a buyer to whom they choose? Which category of gaming chair meets all specification or need buyers to choose.

Most probably buyers choose out those which bring relief from backaches, muscle, joint fatigue and make the posture in a natural way upon long sitting.

Except for health issues price variation bring competition too in selection.

From escaping out all of above discuss questions here for guiding a list is detailed out which must be considered before choosing any of gaming chair

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain

Material used and its sustainability

Whenever you think of a gaming chair a common factor must come at a point about the material used and its sustainability.

Most chairs are made up of PU leather (faux).

These are the cheapest ones and are easy to clean but not durable for a long time and not having proper breathing and heat-resisting ability can be damaged out by passing of time meet to maintain earlier.

On the other hand synthetic nylon fabric is one material expensive than faux leather but comes with qualitative durability last up to life span and finest breathing feature and does not wear off early, it’s all up to you to choose material for your pocket friend.

Gaming chair should rest your neck, back and provide support

This main factor highly considers remarkable as you choose a gaming chair mostly.

A chair should have a proper backrest, lumbar cushions, neck rest, headrest pillows, fully padded back sit which tends you to relieve from backaches, neck stifling, muscle conjoint.

And give big support to your body and make you upright also reduce the risk of getting a high illness.

Some expensive one chair comes with a specialty of electric massager which relieves you more as you need.

A normal to low weight Gaming chair

It is not be thought from my point that chair should be low weighted which can not hold up weighted users.

A gaming chair should be materialistic with a sturdy and firm steel framework, rust-free, and atmosphere friendly.

it could not be too much weighted that impossible to shift from one place to another place or in assembling.

A gaming chair must have easy to move roller at its bottom like a swivel wheel or be coated with leather that can work at any surface and stretch free.

Budget friendly

The price range of gaming chairs in the market starts from $160 to $2000.

It’s all ups to you if go with the cheapest one that not meet via all specification that any gaming chair must-have.

You should flow with that one which is directed to all your requirements and will relieve you from all health-related issues upon sitting.


In concluded words, we try our hard to bring all specifications here to meet for buying any of choice gaming chair which relieves a user from backaches or maintains body posture firm and upright and allows comfortable and long sitting with any destructive thought.

We mostly recommend killabee gaming chair it meet all user requirements and come with a special specification electric massager at lumber cushion, this feature was firstly introduced by this brand.

It helps you relieve and free from tiredness and offer you free from a back problem.

So you can enjoy your gaming sessions with comfort and ease.

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