How to set up a gaming chair?

How to setup a gaming chair

If you are a gamer, you have to understand that an advanced gaming system is incomplete without a gaming chair.

If you are wandering to order a gaming chair and you have no experience of setting up a gaming

So what will you have to do?

We are going to tell you that how can you set up your gaming conveniently at your home.

So guys once you order your gaming chair you find a box on your doorstep that means you have to assemble your chair by yourself.

Now unbox your chair you find such sort of things like:

  • Basic heels
  • Chair base
  • Instructions
  • Arm rests
  • The seat
  • Backrest
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Now start to assemble your chair;
  • Attach all the parts according to instructions.
  • Start from chair base and wheels, insert the wheels with base and push now it’s done.
  • Now unbox the gas lift that is too heavy and strong.
  • Put this gas lift in the mid of the chair base and cover it with its covers.
  • Now we have to install the tilt mechanism.
  • Most important for a correct posture is the right chair size. This Chair Size Guide can help you narrow air down the search.
  • If You Sit in A Gaming Chair That Has the Right Size, Then:

Adjust the seat height, feet are flat on the ground while your knees form a 90 degrees’ angle.

Set the chair height

When the chair is properly set, then continue with desk height and screen positioning.

The Right Seat Height

The height of the chair depends on the length of the lower leg. While the feet are flat on the ground, the upper and lower legs should form an angle larger than 90 degrees in the knee.

Seat Tilt Adjustment.

Good chairs need to have a seat tilt adjustment which allows the seat pan to be slightly tilted forward. This will bring your pelvis slightly forward, promoting a healthy sitting posture your spine favors.

Depth of seat.

The correct seat depth, the length of the seat from the front edge to the backrest, is determined by the length of your thighs.

Between the seat edge and the calf should be a gap of about two to four-finger wide, while your pelvis and back have contact with the backrest. It is important to avoid that the edge of the chair pressing into the back of your calves as this could restrict blood circulation in the legs.

Adjust The Backrest and Back Tilt

Next, adjust the lumbar support so the lumbar cushion feels comfortable in the curve of your lower back. It may need some time to get used to the slight pressure in your lumbar area.

Adjust the back tilt so you sit in an upright posture. A slight burden from the backrest back up the natural curve of your backbone should put your head above your pelvis.

Armrests are very cooperative as they release the shoulder, neck, and upper back from the weight of the arms. Properly adjusted in height, the armrest will have the arms rest relaxed, while the shoulders are neither pulled up nor fall down.

The angle between the upper and lower arm should be 90 degrees. The armrests and the desktop should line up.

Height of screen and position of desk

Desk Height – So that everything is perfect, the desk height must be adjusted so that the upper and lower arms form a right angle, while the forearms lie horizontally on the table.

Screen Height

 – To minimize the stress on the shoulder and neck areas, the screen must be associated so that the eyes are about level with the upper third of the screen

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