Types of Wingback Chairs [Top 7 Wingback Chair Review+Buying Guide]

Types of wingback chairs

Wingback chairs are the ones obviously originated from past times. Those you might have observed in movies too around a fireplace!

Yes, they are still back in fashion trend now.

These chairs are not just for an elegant classy look but have several benefits too.

These are extremely comfortable ones having support at the sides that are actually referred to as the wings.

If you have a classy, sophisticated choice or simple classic one or any modern touch, you’ll forever get these many varieties in wingback chairs.

 According to their design, use and structure there are so many options you can buy for yourself.

The wingback chairs have so many comfortable features because of this they’re still in so much demand.

For years and years, people have wingback chairs in their homes, be it their library, drawing room, near a fireplace, or a desk chair or bedrooms they are very cosy if you want to read a book, go down for a nap sitting etc, for many cases they are overall a great choice.

Below here, are mentioned some types of wingback chairs along with the reviews of the buyers which you can completely follow.

By further reading this article, you’ll surely be very clear about what exactly a wingback chair is and which one you should add to your home decor with our unbiased review and buying guide for the same.


1. Modern Metal Wingback Chair

Source: lot-art.com

As the name itself suggests, these have metal legs for support and are of less weight comparatively.

With a modern touch, it has four supporting legs made of fine quality metal and offers great comfort.

Due to their design made up, they are more often used for dining purposes and also in the drawing-room. It can be used for multiple applications and can be placed anywhere accordingly.

You can also add a cushion by yourself according to the need of your work and sometimes can also be used as a desk chair for office work!

2. Bent Wooden Wingback Chair

bent wooden wingback chair
Source: Pinterest.com

This chair piece is made from high-quality furniture wood which is strong material-wise and offers different patterns and styles look wise.

It has a durable seat and is more often used for dining and reading purposes.

Beautifully designed with wooden legs, it has a cushiony soft surface that gives you great comfort.

These are generally light in weight that makes them easier to shift accordingly.

Made from solid wood these tapered legs add more to their safety and the polished legs also prevent the floor from scratching and damage.

3. Tufted Wingback Chairs

Tufted wingback chair
Source: smithe.com

It is mainly for relaxation and provides so much cosiness. Mainly used in bedrooms or near fireplaces, the chair is made of soft leathery material and has thick leg support.

The chair look is elegant and classic even reminding us of some traditional eras. It has a combination of contemporary touch and offers extra ease.

It already has a cushiony back which helps you in not adding an extra supportive cushion.

It is very stable and safe having heavy wings for side support and wherever you keep it, will add a royal look to your rooms.

4. Floral wingback chair

floral wingback chair
Source: decorpad.com

As the name suggests, it has a lovely floral pattern adding beauty to its comfort. It gives a retro look because of its floral pattern.

If you’re willing to decorate your living or bedroom theme-wise, this can be an excellent choice as you can get a floral pattern carpet, bed covers, curtains and sofas with all different colours which will take your interior to another level.

Making an elegant modern look, you’ll surely be complemented by everyone visiting your home!

5. Wingback Chairs with Ottoman

Wingback chair with ottoman
Source: belfortfurniture.com

Many people think a chair should also have something additional for support, so is the ottoman.

Giving a classical combo appearance, a wingback chair with an ottoman is suitable for support and looks-wise also.

Mostly, the cushiony material from which the chair is made is the same that is used for the ottoman also as this type of matching combination is definitely liked by almost everyone who wants some retro vibes along with elegant home decor.

These are mostly available in soft leather or velvet material. The legs are of metal or wood material as any of them gives them strong support.

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6. Wingback Office Chair

office wingback chair
source: boss-chair.com

It is classically tufted with cushion material and is very much comfortable for office use. It can be used for long hours of office work in one sitting only without any tiredness.

The wheels are also fully modified with casters and gliders that help in moving between works. The wheels are placed so as to increase work productivity.

For office work, wingback chairs are so good in providing both comfort and style. They are always giving an elegant look and make a big difference with normal office chairs opting for special status.

7. Vintage Rattan Wingback Chair

Source: design-mkt.com

Generally having wooden or bamboo leg support, they are giving a very old, retro, classic look along with a leathery modern touch that you can place in any room at any place.

These have removable and additional cushions to give extra comfort and softness.

These can be removed as well as changed with your room theme and can also be moved easily as they are not too heavy to lift up.

Mainly the vintage look chairs are for living rooms and reading areas but also some people use them in bedrooms with ottomans and dining areas to relax and chill.

So by trying this you’ll surely get an appreciation for your decor from the visitors.

8. Bora Bora 2 piece Wingback Chair

bora bora 2 wingback chair
Source: luxedecor.com

The bora wide armchair is unique in design as well as great in comfort.

The design of wings is not of solid material all over, but mostly has wooden or polished support stands like structures and rattan poles so that air is crossed sideways.

Comfortable cushions are also included to give you an extra relaxed feel. Be it your living room, near the fireplace or study place it always feels like a standard wingback chair just adding beauty to that place.

 It gives an exotic feeling when you sit and chill at this. You can simply take your nap and rest peacefully.

9. Dampicourt Wingback Chair

dampicourt wingback chair
Source: Pinterest.com

This type of wingback chair is modernly depicted from the old classical form. In this glamorous world, if you want a modern look and decor in your rooms.

Mostly made of velvet and sometimes of leathery material also, it has a mixture of modern plus the classic retro look. It is made of several elements to give an elegant look and has side solid wings for support.

The overall look of this chair is somewhat different from all other wingback chairs. You can also add extra cushions for extra relaxation and rest if taking a nap.

10. Modern Reader Wingback Chair

reader wingback chair
Source: housebeautiful.com

So this chair basically, as the name suggests is for your reading mode.

Its ergonomic design and made up material is all that which is just perfect for any peaceful and relaxed reading.

Small in size and giving a cosy posture for reading the wings are very small and instead have some raised portion of wings for little support.

You can easily have them in your reading room or your home library. These still can be matched with your interior design with matching carpets, wallpaper and cushions.

They are available in different styles and a variety of colours that you can go for.

These soft stuffed cushiony wingback chairs are adding a catchy touch to your reading area.

11. Wingback Dining Chairs

wingback dining chair
Source: potterybarn.com

Like you have a reader wingback chair so you have the dining one. Specially designed for dining purposes, it can also be placed in your other rooms for other purposes too.

It can come in sets for dining tables that you can arrange in a family way or can be bought in single double pieces as required according to the need.

It gives a different type of vibes when you have your dining room full of classy masterpieces and organising a royal dinner for the guests will be really worth it!

The arms or the supporting wings of the dining wingback chairs are generally shorter but still strong enough for support just making it easier to comfortably have food.

These dining chairs are also called elbow chairs sometimes because of their arm designs.  

12. Antique Wingback Chair

antique wing back chair
Source: beauchampantiques.com

As the name itself is antique, this type of wingback chair is so retro and classy in its look.

They are very comfortable and just look like the old times you have seen in the movies. Those like from 19-20th century look, they are of good soft material and are easy to place anywhere you want to.

Be it you fireplace or dining place, your bedroom or your study place it surely gives an attractive look to whomsoever it is seen by.

If you want your home decor like the old royal style with great elegance in it then you can surely go for this one.

Just set your room’s furniture and accessories along with this antique wingback chair and ottoman if you want like the old British style and your home is just ready for a super royal retro manner.

13. Club wingback chair

club wing back chair
Source: sprintz.com

The club chair also shares a British historical touch in it. Usually made of a full leathery material, this chair is somewhat short in height and a bit bulky.

These can both be armed or armless whichever way you like. These chairs usually come without extra cushions as they originally have thick leather covered stuffed softness.

By adding a club wingback chair, you’ll just upgrade your classy interior and this chair best suits you if you want to relax, read a book or even chill in your party room!

The supporting legs are usually of wooden material and are quite strong for all kinds of heavy stuff.

 14. Wingback chair with steel legs

chair with steel legs
source: coalesse.com

If you’re looking for a decent classic plus a modern touch look, then you can surely think about this one.

These wingback chairs have all the same old retro touch in material and softness, but the supporting legs are made of steel.

The steel support adds great strength along with a modern look. The steel legs are held in different styles like V-shaped, or like usual four vertical legs or somewhat curved in some style.

It is antiquely built as the tufted foamy material is covered up with fine fabric or leathery material giving a stunning look and adding on great comfort.

You can simply place these in your gardens, reading areas, dining halls or on your balcony which will make you feel really light and relaxed and they are also very light weighted so that you can easily place them anywhere you want.

 15. Slipper wingback chair

Slipper wing back chair
Source: wayfair.com

Low in height, the slipper wingback chair has heavy wooden legs for support and is a bit bulky.

Made of soft foamy material, there is no need for an extra cushion it is just comfortable the way it is. The covered material is of soft fabric or polyester also.

This chair is an armless upholstered chair as it is short in height so you’re closer to the ground and doesn’t need any extra support from the wings or the arms.

Generally used for dressing rooms since times, now it can also be used for reading rooms, living rooms also.

16. Queen Anne style wingback chair

queen anne wingback chair
source: caseantiques.com

This uniquely designed furniture masterpiece is one of the oldest classic ones that are both comfy and good looking.

There is a great British-American history behind this retro wingback stylish chair. Queen Anne style is like a class people go mad about.

The style and all other furniture’s other than this wingback chair when formed together as a part of the interior can really give a vibe of that British Empire!

Comparatively smaller and shorter than most wingback chairs, these chairs are definitely from a very royal origin and lighter in weight also.

The shiny wooden material of the Queen Anne wingback chair along with some modern touch are also trending today so surely go for this historical reign feeling!

17. Egg Chair

egg chair
source: vntg.com

So the name is egg chair which is by shape a shell-like egg-like structure and feels so much cosy and protected.

The shape is designed in such a manner that there are no proper arms and supportive wings but still has attached material having emerged as short arm like support.

It can both be available with an ottoman or not according to you. The legs generally have a modern touch in them made of steel or metal usually and are not separately four in number but are instead in the pattern of an office chair but without wheels.

They also come in hanging options generally hung near balcony or garden areas whereas the static egg wingback chair can be easily lifted and placed in any room you want, be it your dressing area, reading area or bedroom.

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18. Womb wingback chair

womb wingback chair
source: dwr.com

 These are considered one of the most comfortable wingback chairs out there.

These usually come with an ottoman and a cushion also to add more comfort.

The womb chair invented in the initial 1900s is a short chair having thin supportive legs made of metal usually and the arms in this chair are also attached in the structural design only.

They are cute and adorable small chairs that fully occupy the person sitting offering a cosy pose.

A womb chair is generally not for loads of work or high reading purposes, instead, it is mainly to stretch yourself and relax by taking power naps and energising yourself.

You can just put your chair near your balcony or your bedroom to chill relax put on music and get energised!

19. Palm Desert Wingback Chair

palm desert wingback chair
source: baers.com

The palm desert wingback chair is very much uniquely designed masterpiece that very much enhances the decor of your home. Wherever you place it, matching the interiors you’ll definitely be satisfied with the beauty of your furniture.

The chair is a contemporary depiction of the old classic era running since the mid-century times.

The supporting legs are made of wood and even the arms and wings have a wooden touch and there’s a frame at the back of the chair to relax upon.

This chair is a finely crafted masterpiece to relax in your home and is generally wider in structure, shorter in height.

20. Tabitha Accent chair

tabitha accent chair
source: walmart.com

Available in several back designs, this French touched ancient plus modern mixture of wingback chair is a broad short heightened chair with thin supportive legs.

The foam is very much tufted and is soft in touch as you relax on it.

The legs are of metal and are individually four in number like most wingback chairs. There is no extra removable cushion required as the foam is already very cushiony in nature.

The Tabitha Accent chair can be placed anywhere in your home but is mostly suggested in your living or bedrooms both for sitting in a formal state with the visitors or to relax reading a book in your room.

Buying Guide for the Best Wingback chairs

So as mentioned above, since there are thousands of options you can go for your perfect wingback chair, you have to be choosy.

You need to go through several parameters and especially when it comes to your home decor; everyone wants to get appreciation from the visitors for your interior designs, themes and furniture setup!

This type of upholstered furniture supported by wings needs to be very keenly chosen as they are the best in creating a comfy environment around you.

A great thing to consider about these wingback chairs is that most of them are not of any limited purposes, but are very good in multi tasking too, like you can place them in any room you want.

Here are some listed parameters that you can consider before buying the Best Wingback Chair for your beautiful home.

Things to consider while looking for a perfect wingback chair

Style of the chair

It truly just depends on your personal choice like in which style you want your wingback chair.

There are many options available like the retro historian chairs, traditional ones, a fully modern style wingback chair or a mixture of both old and modern touch chairs.

According to your decor of the house, you can go for any combination of chairs that suits the best with the surrounding furniture and accessories.


It is one of the important things to look forward to while choosing a wingback chair. The foam material that is tufted inside along with the outer covered material determines the comfort of that particular chair.

The soft cushiony foam should be properly stuffed inside and the covered material is mostly leather, fabrics, velvet or polyester that is considered the most.

Extra cushions

According to your comfort level and the design of the chair, you can opt for a wingback chair that comes with a removable cushion.

The cushion no doubt adds extra comfort and also enhances the look of the overall chair.

With or without armrests

Technically, a chair should include armrests in it either separately attached or embedded from the back of the chair only.

So yes armrests, as the name suggests are required to put our arms in a relaxed mode, especially for those chairs that are meant to offer you rest and are for reading purposes or whether you to take a nap.

Height and size of the chair

So basically, your comfort is not determined by the height of the chair actually.

Mostly the old classic wingback chairs that are very much traditional in look, and which are usually placed near the fireplace or living rooms are more heightened comparatively.

While the ones chosen for reading and relaxing are generally short heighted but indeed both types of chairs are comfortable in some or the other way.

If you’re looking for a vintage look type chair for your living room near the fireplace so you can choose a heightened one with less wide back support.

For study, dining or relaxing purposes go for short height chairs but broader ones!

If you’ve already finalised a specific space in your room before buying the chair, it can be easier to find the right-sized chair for your place.


This particular factor is also very much looked upon while buying any kind of masterpiece for your home.

Since the wingback chairs are old, traditional and unique in design they are no doubt costly depending on the type you’re buying.

If you choose the one that is the same as centuries ago giving you a royal vibe, you have to spend a bit more money than a chair having steel legs and just a cushiony surface!

But money will be not that great an issue if you’re just fully ambitious for your home decor and to make it the best as possible, you’ll surely spend some.

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Top 7 best Wingback Chairs – Review

1. Great Deal Furniture Fabric Accent Chair

This amazing classy armless chair will add great beauty to your both living and your bedroom along with the fireplace too.

The outer material is full of high-quality fabrics and the foam is tufted finely with some side support though the chair is armless.

The height is short but the back portion is soft, cushiony and broader.

The chair overall has a slightly curved design to enhance its look. The legs are wooden and are small comparatively to bear on the bulk.

If you add this to your living room matching the colours with your interior theme, it will surely give a fantastic view of your house.

You can also add a cushion if needed or can remove it according to the purpose. So after a long hectic day, you can just chill here and get energetic.

  • Multipurpose wingback chair
  • Soft and cushiony
  • Quite comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Bulky in weight
  • Specifically no separate arms
  • Ottoman not offered

2. Dolonm Velvet Accent Chair

This velvet material wingback chair is generally for dining, reading and also office purposes.

This durable masterpiece offers small arms for resting purposes. The height is not too short and can be easily shifted from any place to want to keep.

The material used high-quality velvet material that offers you cosiness. It is available in a variety of colours that you can match with your surrounding accessories.

These kinds of wingback chairs fit the need of our homes and allow for more comfort indeed. You’ll feel pleasured when buying this attracting the visitors.

So you can surely go for this budget-friendly furniture piece and take your home elegance to another level of beauty.

  • High quality material
  • Strong supportive legs
  • Budget friendly
  • Difficult to clean
  • Small armrests

3. Christopher Knight Home modern armchair

This modern wingback chair is very comfortable and has a very ancient touch that will provide the best look.

It is very well designed to make you feel satisfied and positive.

The material is soft fabric or leather but is of good quality. It has four rubber legs and is quite good in support. It will look great mainly in your living room or even in your office area.

The base is overall wooden and is covered with foamy layers and then fabricated overall.

You can also buy it with an ottoman or additional stool if you have the need accordingly. The extra cushion is not usually required in this as it has thick foam layers covered well.

So this retro look with great modern touch can be no doubt an amazing choice.

  • Both classic and modern look
  • Light fabric material
  • Budget friendly
  • Durable
  • Bulky in weight

4. Baxton Studio arm chair

This wingback chair is also a mixture of modern plus the old reader chair look and is considered one of the stylish retro chairs.

Easy to lift and handle as it is light weighted, can be added in your reading room or library or your lounge and even office to get a very formal look.

The foamy tufting is also covered perfectly with buttons and also has additional removable cushions if required.

Both its armrests and the spread legs are made of fine polished woody material. There are extra cushions and foam seat that add on more cosiness.

This has a total upholstered seat looking great from all sides. It also doesn’t cover a lot of space so it can easily fit in your small places also. 

  • Stylish retro look
  • Takes less space
  • Easy handling
  • Light weight
  • Less thick wooden arms
  • Broader backseat for dining

5. Safavieh couture modern glam wingback chair

It is the best wingback chair for a sophisticated living standard.

This type of wingback chair is lavishly upholstered and is too elegant for your living room. This is one of the most stylish masterpieces to consider taking your home decor to just greater heights.

This chair is a bit heightened and even looks suitable for your dining hall. The legs are short mod acrylic legs.

The material covered is fully velveted and has very fine stitching.

Also available in a variety of colours you can accordingly set this masterpiece in your interior as it is one of the stylish classy chairs out there.

Be ready to get appreciated by your visitors as everyone will surely like your decor combinations and designs.

  • Stylish chair
  • Very elegant
  • Multipurpose chair
  • Fine velvet material
  • Small plastic acrylic legs
  • Expensive

6. Glitzhome home High-Back Office wingback chair

This particular wingback chair is a perfect combination of a retro look with modernly depicted wheels.

Mainly used for office purposes, it is one of the best wingback chairs for formal purposes.

When you place it in your offices and meeting rooms or even your study area for desk work, you’ll definitely be relieved and satisfied by the comfort offered by this.

The caster wheels attached are of metal and steel material which are flexibly movable like all other high-quality office chairs.

It is made of high-quality leather material that is filled with soft foam all over with extra raised, attached small cushion at the head area for extra comfort.

After using this chair you’ll not only get limited to formal meetings, but you will also want them in your homes as they are quite stretchable, so much for you to chill and even have a nap setting in your elegant modern home look.

  • Flexible chair
  • Multipurpose office chair
  • High quality leather
  • Smooth chair movement
  • Cleaning may be difficult

7. AbocoFur cotton fabric lazy chair

Available in different variety of colours and textures you can just place them in your bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms or even on your balconies.

These elegant style chairs are just perfect for your sitting wherever you want to.

They have attached embedded armrests that are somewhat short and even has attached a small cushion at the head area for proper rest. The four legs are spread outwards and are supportive  

The stuffing is a soft sponge and additionally also has a small pocket on one side.

You can easily place some of your small kinds of stuff like your books, newspapers, TV remotes and many more that is so much beneficial for you.

Since the name itself is lazy chair, you can simply lie down and chill and relax whether you want a nap, some entertainment or even some peaceful reading, surely go for this one.

  • Extra pocket attached
  • Variety of colours and textures
  • Very modern design
  • Plastic footstool cover
  • Foamy layers are not that even
  • Can look too informal


  1. Are wingback chairs outdated?

    Wingback chairs are not at all outdated. Though they are available since old-historic times, nowadays people love this variety of classy elegance for their home decor and there are thousands of options too you can go for.

  2. Where should a Wingback chair be placed?

    It is totally up to your choice and that matches your home decor and interior design and increases your elegance.
    And whatever purpose you want you have a variety of options, from your dressing room to your office work, you have several wingback chairs along with your desired colour and texture.

  3. Are wingback chairs comfortable?

    Wingback chairs are absolutely comfortable even more than ordinary chairs.
    You can surely go for any of the wingback chairs you desire and what material you are comfortable with, be it soft fabric, leather or velvet all types of these chairs will be surely a better choice than your current normal furniture chairs!

  4. Can you use a wingback chair as a desk chair?

    Yes, you can definitely use it not for just relaxing but also for your office work, study and library purposes also.
    There are many options available for this type of desk wingback chairs also that will go right and will fix in your desk work comfily.

  5. Do wingback chairs have to match?

    It is not at all necessary that you have to get the same wingback matching chairs.
    It just depends fully on where you want to place your chairs, if you’re looking for dining chairs then you need the same chairs for a proper look, otherwise in your living rooms or bedrooms like places you don’t have to be too choosy.
    You can go for different styles of wingback chairs in the same room matching your interior.