How to Clean A Gaming Chair

How to clean a gaming chair (3)

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If you are wondering how to clean a gaming chair then you have landed in the right place.

When we invest a lot of money in buying a gaming chair then definitely you would like to keep it for the long term. For that, we need to maintain it, so here we help you with the best of our knowledge to clean it properly.

Steps to clean a gaming chair.

1. Know the type of upholstery.

2. Dusting and Vacuum Cleaning

3. Deep Cleaning with water or solvent solution.

4. Cleaning the frame and armrests

1. Know the type of Upholstery-:

Before we start cleaning we need to know the type of upholstery so that we can clean it with that specific method because different type of upholstery needs a different type of cleaning.

There are four types of upholstery:

1. PU Leather

2. PVC Leather

3. Mesh

4. Fabric

2. Dusting and Vacuuming cleaning-:

So, now when we know the upholstery of gaming chairs we can move towards the second step that is dusting or vacuum cleaning.

If the upholstery is Mesh or Fabric then you have to vacuum clean it to get rid of debris and dust. And on the other hand, if it is PU leather or PVC leather then you have to clean the dust with the help of a microfiber cloth.

3. Deep Cleaning with water or solvent Solution-:

When we are done with cleaning debris and dust then our next step is to deep clean this. In a deep cleaning, we will remove hard stains of coffee, food, etc.

For that, we need to check the tag on the chair if it is marked with ‘S’ then we can clean it with the help of Solvent and if it is marked with ‘W’ then you can clean it with the help of water and in case of marked with S/W can be cleaned with both water and solvent.

4. Cleaning the Frame and Armrests -:

The next step is to clean the frame of the chair for that we need a cloth or sponge and a bowl with water with detergent. Soak the cloth or sponge in the water and then clean the frame and then dry it with the help of a dry cloth.

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  • Tips to Maintain your Chair Clean

    There are few things which you can keep in mind to maintain the cleanliness of the chair.

    • Avoid having food or drinks on your chair.
    • Vacuum Clean the area around your chair so, the dust does not get deposit on a chair.
    • Wipe the chair with a clean piece of cloth.    


    By following the above steps you can clean and maintain the Chair for longer.

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