How to Properly Sit in A Gaming Chair

How to properly sit in a gaming chair

A gaming chair is a specially designed chair for gamers. These chairs are for the gamers’ comfort and ease as they have to sit for long hours to play video games.

These gaming chairs are ergonomics that give the best support to the human body while sitting for a longer period of time with ease and correct posture. The gaming chairs are adjustable with the height, seat depth, backrest recline, and lumbar support.

Tips to Sit Properly in A Gaming Chair

Sitting properly with a correct posture and position in a gaming chair is very essential to know. In fact, knowledge about the proper usage of a gaming ergonomic chair is of utmost importance. Without following the sitting guidelines of a gaming chair, one might not enjoy a healthy and comfortable sitting.

The first and foremost purpose of gaming chair is ‘Neutral Sitting Position’ and the second important purpose is ‘Body Movement While Sitting’.

These two main purposes can be achieved if the proper sitting position is known by the gaming chair user. The following are the instructions to sit in a gaming chair properly:

Seat Height

To enjoy the long sitting without unnecessary strains on your muscles, the most important thing is to adjust the height of the chair according to your desk and your body size.

Your feet must be flat on the floor because this provides the strength to spine upright. Your knee’s angle needs to be at 90 degrees.

Seat Depth

It is important to tuck your hips as deep as possible into the seat. The proper sitting position allows your legs to circulate the blood freely.

While sitting on a chair, the seat edge should be neither too narrow nor too broad away from your knees. There should be a distance of 2-4 fingers width between the edge of the chair and your knee.

Seat Backrest

The correct adjustment of the backrest is equally important in the right sitting position. A comfortable backrest makes your long sitting easy and enjoyable. A lumbar cushion of good quality is recommended as it helps you to lean your entire spine and body weight against the backrest. 


Armrests need to be adjusted correctly. The perfect adjustment of armrests will reduce the pressure on your shoulders, upper back, and neck and make your arms relax to work. Your armrests should be adjusted in a position that supports your elbows to work properly.

Recline and Tilt Mechanism

The human body cannot be fixed in the same position for a long time. The body requires movement to function effectively.

The recline is a big advantage of a gaming chair. You can recline and rest for some time to relax while using the gaming chair for long hours. The gaming chairs that have a tilt mechanism can be adjusted between 100° and 110° to lean back and rest the body.

In short, the gaming chair needs to be adjusted according to the body size and there must be body movement after every 30 minutes for better blood flow and circulation. The correct and proper sitting position in a gaming chair will make your long gaming hours enjoyable and healthy.

So, let’s start using your gaming chair with proper guideline.

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